Scheffler Reflector,what is it?

Wolfgang Scheffler

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Born 1956 in Innsbruck, Austria, and recipient of a Special Recognition Award at the 2006 Nuclear-Free Future Award, Wolfgang Scheffler is the inventor/promoter of Scheffler Reflectors, large, flexible parabolic reflecting dishes that concentrate sunlight for solar cooking in community kitchens, bakeries, and in the world’s first solar-powered crematorium. By early 2008, over 2000 large cookers of his design had been built distributed worldwide including the world’s largest solar cooker.

Pictures,mirrored on this site…

Below you can see a project in India where they have built an array of many 10-sq-mtr reflectors that power a solar kitchen in a training center.

As you can see, they generate the steam directly from the sun’s heat.

Below are some pictures of a situation where they have stored the heat in a movable block, which is then later used for cooking…

The next logical step, which I would like to do, is to increase the size of the heat-store and so store much, much more heat, so the heat can lateron be extracted using water which turns into steam which heats the double-sided soucepans…

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