Team ‘ECOstyle’ 2010 Netherlands

We have created our own page about the Scheffler-reflector here:
For more,Click Here
It presents some pictures of what it can do…

Sipke, Lisa, Karin and Marco are working on a SOLAR KITCHENvolt-2010-eco-Logo_ECOstyle.jpg

Sipke Zeldenrust and his daughter Lisa are familiar faces here at Heart4Children as Sipke has been promoting us since 2005.

Karin & Marco are from the Dutch ECOstyle company .

   In the coming days we will try to update this page.The team has taken up the challenge of building the first solar-reflector which we hope will be followed by many others making up the solar-refector park to power up the kitchen.It is not a new concept and is well documented on the website of solare-bruecke .On this website you can see how a huge solar park powers a conference center in India.

Today the team has assembled the frame with all it’s parts. The next challenge will be the fitting of the subframe that holds the approx. 250 little mirrors that will be tied with 130 Mtr electrical wire.

Here you can see the mirrors being attached.


It works!!