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Beginning Of Our Library

Grace is preparing the donated library books The school is still young but it is already given a library. The start is there, the first books are entered. For the beginning the library is only the size of a cupboard

Jakobus Comes with Gifts

When someone looks like Santa, you immediately expect gifts. And in this case surely Jakobus has come with gifts Jakobus has brought for each of the children a toy car. And you thought that the girls don’t like them you

Official Dedication And Opening OF Kimbilio

On the 6th of Feb 2009 it has finally happened! We’ve had the official dedication & opening of our new mission compound.The guest of honor was the cultural leader of our local tribe; His Highness the Kwar Adhola, Moses Stephen

Now 48 Days From Take-Off

It’s 1 day to the opening date and some of the guardians came to the orientation day that we organized.Fourteen children came with their guardians and tried on their new school-uniform. You should have seen their faces when they saw

Kenya Violence

It is so sad that our immediate neighbour Kenya, is at war within its boundaries which we also know as a civil war, where citizens of a country are not satisfied with the political system hence breaking into violence which