Embracing Education Amidst COVID

The home that has been so quiet with out the learners for some time is again booming.

This was so because both children,parents and the entire staff were just waiting to receive them.
In all this we thank God who has cooled down the storm of COVID that was a threat to our education system although we still have to maintain the Standard Operating System (SOPs) in place. Officially the schools opened on 10th last week and we had a very big turn up compare to other terms.
Above all, we thank God for keeping them safe because at least they came back with good health and the zeal to study.
This term is going to be long because it has almost fourteen weeks and with a lot new changes in the curriculum that has been revised in order to catch up. However, there were also some staff meetings & training on procedures and guidance on school re-opening and new curriculum.

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