Kimbilio Staff Stories

Kimbilio Security 2018

Due to the growth and other developments which are happening in the place, the management has embarked on the recruitment of more skilled and trained personnels, to handle any strange occurrences like theft,protection of staff and children, among others.
Besides that, the security personnels are given other security gadgets to detect and ease their work. Above all, modern security measures like digital cameras have been installed around Kimbilio compound,to help in monitoring too. These security personnels love their work and even the environment they work in hence there are not threatened by any situation. Kimbilio is so proud of them for their great services that have even benefited the surrounding. All the appreciations go to God who always protects us even amidst challenges that no man can and also the administration that has always motivated their performances, with out forgetting their head of security in this matter who has been concerned on different occasions and going an extra mile in working.

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