Bettina, Janine and Giuseppe have come from Germany to help in Osia.
The bedrooms are now so far ready that they can be painted with the first two coats of wall paint.
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When we see a miraculous provision like this one, we may assume God is at work;And He was! To get service of any kind in Uganda, one needs to plead and beg but this time, after letting the bore-hole drilling company know we needed a bore-hole, they spontaneously provided us even with credit!! In a matter of three days we had the job finished and as a bonus we were told that the bore-hole is having an incredible yield of 20 tonne/hour!
We have a lot to thank God for!
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From a distance, the project just started looking so much better with the roof tiles on our first dormitory block.It is going  much slower than we would like but then the result is worth it! The building looks great! We are now working on the doors & windows after which we hope to plaster the walls and start to use it!
Pray for us that we will have enough funds to see it all through.

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The installation that will make living in this children’s village possible is getting ready soon;This system MUST be ready before anybody can actually live here. But we can now see the whole of the sewage system getting ready. The septic tanks & soak-pit and now even the pipes are all in place and getting connected. This is a very important step in the race to get our children’s village ready for it’s population; the Orphans of Tororo District.
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It is so sad that our immediate neighbour Kenya, is at war within its boundaries which we also know as a civil war, where citizens of a country are not satisfied with the political system hence breaking into violence which always causes death, vandalism of property, among others.
It has been more than a month now and I normally do not like to give comments about the politics of the land but today we feel it is time to call for prayer to stop the fighting in Kenya
First of all, the fighting does not really affect us, only the imports. Uganda is utterly dependent on the Mombasa seaport for it’s imported goods. Therefore we are affected in that aspect.
Please stand with us in prayer and ask the Lord to give wisdom to the leaders of Kenya. We believe the solution to the problem lies within reach but requires wise and selfless decisions of its leaders.
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This is what the project now looks like from the mountain right behind the highway

We will try to pictures from time to time so you can see the changes.

written by Cor Koelewijn on 28/11/08, 05:55.

The visiting team from ICM(International Christian Ministries) Canada has helped to face lift the park where the children of Tororo can now play again!
It has been a wonderful experience to see Tororo been put “right-side-up” and the park been restored to it’s former glory. Children are now once again able to enjoy the park.
All activities were crowned with a wonderful festival of hope where all churches of Tororo worked together.
We thank the ICM for this fantastic initiative!
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Football tournament in Germany for Heart for Children
EWS – football tournament on
June 23 2007 the 1st EWS-football tournament
We do expect 17 football teams in the Uhinger stadium. Followed by an evening program in the headquarter of EWS. It will be a benefit happening for “Heart for Children”.
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