This term was too short, you can also agree after seeing the children already back.  
Officially all the Schools in Uganda opened yesterday 16th/September and on arrival, children being checked of the School requirements. On the second day, Primary resumed it’s  normal lessons and with High School, students are facing beginning of term three tests as it has been in the past, to wake them from holiday sleep.
What we can say , is that our children have reported in a big number just on the first day, very surprising! We are also grateful to God for our guardians who have struggled to get them all the requirements. Above all, all the children came back healthy and with all the vigor to start from where they ended.
This term more effort is going to be put in by all our staff in order to realize our dreams/ target because we have two candidate classes that include Senior Four and Primary Seven.
Pray with us that as God has been always on our side, we shall still triumph over.

As we are nearing the beginning of term three, a lot of preparations, staff meetings have been on going to make every thing possible.

Both Kimbilio Primary and High School Staff reported a week in advance to start planning, scheming and putting ideas together for smooth running of the term. This third term is beginning on Monday 16th/September/2019 and will run for some two months.
Besides teachers getting ready for this term, our builders are also working hard to get the new High School Administration Offices ready and also putting on roof tiles.
This office is going to ease teachers’ movements and help to improve on supervision of children because it has been put next to classrooms.
Pray with us that all buildings will be ready soon.

Today marks the end of term two after twelve weeks of serious study. Children are very happy to go home for some three weeks of holiday.
The whole of this week, it has been so busy and hectic by the teachers trying to work hard , and meet the deadline.

All the children were issued with report cards apart from Senior four students who are still waiting for their results because they did external Mocks exams. There has been a very serious academic improvement in almost all the classes,for instance in primary two, two pupils emerged number one in position, some thing which shows some stiff competition among the students. The ones who were once weak academically, have now taken over the best positions. The teachers read this term’s best performers from position one to three per class and this motivated them.
Both Schools a day before their holiday, staff meetings were held to see how the term ends and also some communication by different staff to the children on how to keep and protect themselves while way from school. Among the advise received included; maintaining discipline wherever they are, not to forget about their books( studies), not to loose hope because of their results/ performance but rather putting more effort towards their goal.
This is one of the shortest holiday that is going to take us only three weeks and be back by 16th/September to push for third term.

Kimbilio staff ended the term by a staff training!
The training was for only two days and was pointed towards seeing your work as a ministry.

Discipling Market-place Leaders (DML), was organized by International Christian Ministry-Uganda. The participants were thirty three in number with three trainers who included our Education Director; Grace Koelewijn, Pastor Owor Michael, and Pastor Moses Musasizi.
Topics covered included ‘The grand narrative of God’, ‘calling to the market place’, ‘Biblical worldview and ethics’, ‘SWOT analysis’, ‘personal mission Statement and goal setting’, ‘setting boundaries’, ‘integrity & finance’, and finally ‘customer motivation’, ‘servant leadership’ and lastly ‘time management’.
The learners have appreciated the training.

One of the heavy projects is this of putting the tiles because it is so expensive.

This last bit of roof covers three classes and the wash rooms, which were remaining on the side of the primary section. We are excited to have this project finished.
The roof has taken over 9700 tiles and three days to fix. Our structure is now protected from the rain and makes the beauty of the school come out nicely.

For the most part of last week, our S4 class was busy doing Science practicals.

From yesterday our children were facing the theory part of it. So far, they have already done two full sets of Mathematics and Geography. There were some subjects which have two papers that is paper one and paper two especially Geography, Mathematics, History, while others like Commerce has one paper. According to some students, they are moving on well and expecting to score at least some reasonable marks/grades even though some questions are tricky and hard. There has been serious checking and monitoring to make sure all exams are done as per the required behavioral standards.
They are expected to finish by next week.

In preparing for the final Uganda Certificate Of Education exam in early October, there comes Mocks to test their ability and faith.
Our children are joining Bukedi Secondary School, which is 3 Kilometers from our School to have their sitting centre from there , since we are still in the process of acquiring ours. Both schools are having 62 candidates who have been officially registered.
The children were briefed on instructions to make them realize what they want. Our candidates were accompanied by team three teachers by the names of Obonyo Andrew, Odulla Joseph, and Opio Riya. Our children were excited to sitting for this examination being their first time.
The candidates are supposed to begin with Biology practical by Monday,29th.
This Mock examination has been set by Tororo Arch-deaconary Examination Board ( TAED) and with teachers on board who have been tested academically from sounding Institutions. This Board is also responsible for marking so that when students pass,it is real without cheating.
Mean while the Head-teacher of Bukedi SS, advised and appealed to the children not to take this examination lightly because it is the determinant of the final. He further read the instructions to be followed up by the candidates that included; not indulging in examination malpractice, avoid impersonation, not to panic, avoid copying from one another,to be at the centre some 30 minutes before beginning time, and finally urged them not forget their creator who is the source of every thing. Finally, a word of prayer was offered to all the candidates wishing them success in all

Amazing Sunday service by Kimbilio Children ministering in Tororo Christian Centre Church.
Our children having hosted a team of worshipers from Top Girls Secondary School on the other Sunday, they were also invited.

About thirty children from both High and Primary Schools, had a very good moment of time and indeed blessed the congregation to the extent that they were blessed with some prizes inform of money worth 145,200 Shillings, given lunch plus some drinks. Our children managed to minister in two songs. Through this kind of visit, our children got to know some skills like quiz, quoting some Bible verses, praising and related with one another, some thing that has created pact between the two Institutions.
Now teacher Akello Doreen in-charge Liturgy is here to give God the glory for what He is doing in these Children’s lives and only prays that God continues to sustain them and open for them other doors.

Having been in a serious struggle of campaigning for the whole day, the students succeeded in electing their prefects.
Just like other political campaigns, this one also involved casting the ballot papers, had a team of Electoral observers to avoid malpractices. The Ceremony began at 11:00am and took two hours.

There were seventeen posts that were advertised and campaigned for. Among the posts, were the Head prefect, Head boy, Head girl, Games & Sports, Entertainment, Time Keeper, Welfare, etc. Both girls and boys were all given the equal opportunities to come in and serve.

In trying to make the day colorful, there were some activities in place that included; handing over the tools to incoming prefects, taking the oath of allegiance, lunch and speeches.

Our Senior four candidate class together with some of their teachers went for Geography study tour in Jinja
They left here at 7:00Am and came back late because they had a lot to explore.
They visited the following places; Nyanza Textile Industry for making clothes and later proceeded to Masese landing site where they were taught about different fish species
The tour was beneficial in the way that, they learnt the process involved in making clothes,operation of machinery, and finally created some friendship with other learners. The students were encouraged so much and loved the whole trip.
The tour was organized by our Geography teachers together with the administration , and with the purpose of exposure of our children and also in preparation for the forth coming Uganda Certificate Of Education Examination in November. This exercise/ program is very vital because it is always examined.