Introducing You To Children Church

The Kimbilio Chapel grows alongside the school and now has grown to 250 members. The children refer to it as their church. This chapel began with the purpose of introducing to the children to God’s Word, being the textbook of

Having Friendly Games On Good Friday-2018

Besides academics, our pupils and students are also encouraged to participate in sports and other co-curricular activities to enhance their talents. Many times, our children have been invited out side to participate in various games and this has exposed them

Newly Elected Team Of Prefects For 2018

We are so grateful to show you our new great team of prefects from primary section. We had a number of candidates that registered for different posts but some did not succeed because they did not certify the Electoral Commission

new High-School teacher for 2018

Guess what subjects these new teachers of 2018 teach..?

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Every year we have some new teachers added to the team. This year we make it into a quiz… Can you guess what subject they teach? From left to right they are: Obonyo Andrew, Chelimo Christabel, Obbo Patrick, Musibira Bonaventure,

New children of 2018

Meet the new children for 2018

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Just as all other years, we present to you the new recruits for this year. And if you like, feel free to sponsor one of them!

Kimbilio Security 2018

Due to the growth and other developments which are happening in the place, the management has embarked on the recruitment of more skilled and trained personnels, to handle any strange occurrences like theft,protection of staff and children, among others. Besides

Preparation For Term One-2018

All Kimbilio staff are doing their preparations in preparation for the new school-year that is coming up. Every teaching staff has to report with inthree weeks ‘time prior to the official opening day of the school. They report in advance

Kimbilio Children On World AIDS Day

Kimbilio children once again were invited to be among the participants of this great occasion of commemorating the “World AIDS day”. A total of around 28 children, were accompanied by their Teachers Owori Ivan and Odongo Denish.   Kimbilio children

End Of Year Staff Party-2017

Kimbilio Staff celebration day is a standard item in December of each year. This day is highly valued by staff in that it promises always a lot of fun by coming together as children of one family.  All the participants

End of Year Meeting 2017

At Kimbilio, you have come to expect our usual end of year gathering of students, teachers and guardians.  This day is very valuable to both the Kimbilio Family and all other stake holders like the guardians, friends and all other