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Prayers In Action For P7 Candidates

Today was yet another incredible day in Kimbilio, as guardians, Directors, Head-teacher, Teachers, other staff plus the candidates themselves converged together in union/ one accord to trust in God through their prayers of blessing all the candidates of this year.
Our Directors, said a slogan “that instead of drinking water from the well of education here, others have been deciding to go away”. However, they said anyway some times, you can take a horse to drink water but still refuses thus it will be upon the horse in future.
They still requested pupils to respect and love their guardians whom they live with currently, read hard until they finish education.
The Guest of Honor Dr.Omalla David began by appreciating God for his life and family, Kimbilio Directors, guardians,all the staff in their various capacities without forgetting the real candidates of the day ( P7 Candidates) for the seven years of struggle.
He also advised the candidates Not to fear the forth coming exams but rather trust in God.
He advised the children that if one acquired good education, at least would be sure of the open doors in future. He further informed the pupils that Education is painful but there is success in it. He advised and encouraged the candidates to enter the examination room with hope and believe in God for their excellence. On addition to their memory trust, he told them to continue revising.
As he was sharing from the Bible, he talked of Proverbs 22:6, that says train up a child in the way he should go and when grows up, he should not depart away from it. He added Deuteronomy 6:6-9, that says to love God with all your hearts and souls.
He finally concluded by urging the children to be very faithful in all their lives and assured them of God’s protection and care even though they are total orphans.

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