Compacting soil around Staff quarters to avoid water logging and leveling the ground by Owor Ernest the jack hammer operator.

Digging and connecting the sewerage pipes to Group guest house.

Setting and testing our modern cooking stoves by Uncle Cor and Jacob that were bought from India . This is yet another technology that saves a lot of cooking materials and with little supervision. As you posho is already in the process of being prepared for the children and children very eager to test food from it.


Beginning on the last phase of  the primary section, after the casting the foundation.

Heart For Children office Construction in progress. This is Uncle Cor and aunt Grace’s Offices being fitted and designed.

We appreciate the effort of Oboth Daniel and the colleagues in coming up with such a beautiful Architectural work.

Finally, we had the construction of the foundation at our new planned site for the transfer of our Workshop.

Henry trying to check and direct what to be done.