Here we show you the history of the project implementation of 2009. The material is sorted, newest at the top of the page.

20th November, 2009
Just before leaving for Europe & the USA we give you an impression of what is happening at the Kimbilio Children’s Village.

 Philip & Owino are working on the final touches of the roof on dorm 1.

Opendi showing his work on the matrons apartment in the 1st dormitory.
Below: Nelson is working on the roof of the bathroom.

   Down, right: Opendi is starting on the digging of the foundation for the next dormitory. This will later become the boys dormitory. It will be needed in February 2011

13th October, 2009
Today we are connecting the lower corner of our land with water and electrical cables.

Installation of water pipes

7th October, 2009
Since the 24th of July of 2009 we have been calling the “UMEME” which is our electricity company. On this day our transformer exploded. We faithfully informed the help-desk of the explosion and it took them TWO MONTHS just to come and look at the situation!After that they brought an overhauled  transformer which they put nicely up in the poles. But do we have power? NO! They have still not connected the thing. Lord, deliver us from the corruption in our land!

  On the above photo,  you can see our solution to the problem. We are digging a basement for a generator. With these kind of companies supplying you with the essentials, you need to make sure you have your own backup.Soon we will have our own diesel power-supply which by-the-way, is just about cheaper than the price we pay for the grid!

30th September, 2009
 For some time the work on the remaining 8 bed-rooms and the Teachers apartment has been at a standstill, waiting for some more project funding.Since about one month the work  has resumed starting with the steel roof-structure. This was followed by the builders who are now going full speed on the plaster-work. This coming February, the 24 new children will have to enter these rooms so we have to hurry.It is a blessing to see all the work coming together.

090930-ProjProg-IMG_2169-Dorm1.JPGSoon we will bring some 8000 roof tiles to complete the roof

29th of August, 2009


Cor is using the new “DeWalt” jackhammer to break a hole in the rock.
We have started to do the official surveying of our land.This involves planting special survey-stones that indicate the boundaries.In Uganda the process of obtaining a land-title can be a tedious and long process.