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31st Dec, 2011

God has been good to us this year! We have been able to finish the 1st school-building, almost complete the second dormitory, do most of the fencing and 24 more children have been identified for the new school-year. Thank you God, thank you donors!
31 Oct, 2011 – Wee 44

1st Oct, 2011 – week39

The 2nd California Team this year has come and they have taken charge of the painting job of the face of the school.It surely makes a difference when you come in the gate and see the school.
Well done Patti, Nate, John & Ashly!

Meanwhile Philip, one of our long serving workers has been puncturing the rocky ground with the jackhammer and he is preparing for the next Primary-School-Block. We are still praying for donors…

In the meantime we are working on the finishing of Dorm2 and building a backwall behind the dorms of the boys & Girls so they can hang their clothes to dry, without the neighbours ‘borrowing’ them
23th July, 2011 week29

The workers are working on the leveling and compacting of the BasketBall court.
It proves to be more of a challenge than we had anticipated…

Geert & Charissa Holwerda have come for some weeks from Holland to help with the work in the children’s village. Geert is trying to connect the light, perhaps good he is a teacher trainer now…good that we had some spare fuses. Geert & Charissa came on the right time to help with the preparing of the group-guest-house. It has become a cozy place with a nice view on the sports fields.

The other boys had a chance to have some time with the children to play the 1st volleyball game on the new field.
18th July, 2011 week 28

Walter thinks that this volleyball-net can’t work anymore…Any ideas?Site meeting…
And here we begin the Dining-Hut
11th of June, 2011   week 23 Finally, we have the roof tiles in the right place… it looks like it is done but the boys are still working on the other side.
but on the inside, our visiting friends from Ethiopia are helping with wiring the lamps in the classrooms together with our own Jacob.

and the ladies are helping with painting…
and our own builder is working on the veranda.

In the meantime, some builders are working on the roof of the entrance of the second dormitory…
We are very grateful for all the work that we can do with your help!!
30th March, 2011
Last week the last bit of concrete on the top floor was cast.
Now the work continues to prepare to fit the roof-trusses.
In the meantime the mechanics change the engine of the Hilux as it is very sick!

24th Feb, 2011
After the elections, the building work continues…