Here we invite you to follow the latest on the project implementation. The material is sorted, newest at the top of the page.
17 Nov 2012, Wk46

This week we are having the California Team over from the USA.
They are painting some dormitory rooms and set a new quality standard for us!
Meanwhile our boys are continuing to finish the outside of the boys dorm…

and also the staff houses are being completed…

  Meanwhile we are also working on the plastering of the school-block as you can see above and also the work on the security office is ongoing.All together a LOT of work that is going on!

We thank God who is sustaining all this and of coarse also YOU who is making the donations that make us able to continue the work.

Thank you very much!
23 Oct 2012, Wk43
This week the work goes on at the Staff Quarters. We are building the last of 3 blocks of simple, small rooms. Each holds just one bed and a chair, just enough for one person to sleep.
And we have also started the work on the GateKeepersOffice:
And the work on the 2nd block of the primary school is nearing completion…
And at this time we have Piet & Rianne Zeldenrust at work on the teeth of the children and staff. Piet is a practicing dentist in Hoofddorp, The Netherlands. His daughter Rianne is a dental student. Besides that Piet is the husband to our chaiman in Holland, he comes at least once a year to help the children of Kimbilio Children’s Village with some simple equipment he brought over from Holland.
12 Oct 2012, Wk41

15 Sep 2012, Wk37
Bit by bit a LOT of work has just continued eventhough we have not reported much from week to week.

The small door on top leads to the underground generator bunker. We have started on the installation of our 1st of two small diesel generators. Each should generate 6KVA and at a later time each will be used to charge the batteries that power the inverter. The inverter is used because the power-supply in East Africa is very unreliable. (to say the least)
The road you see here on the left is an internal road that will lead from the dormitories via Jacobs House to the staff quarters back to the behind gate, jointing the internal road again. This is making the staff quarters accessible to the lorry and other vehicles as we are now seriously beginning to work on staff housing there.
As you can see below, we have added some more rooms at what we used to call “Aggrey’s place” .

And we are adding some 4 more rooms to it as we need them badly with the growing of the team.

In the meantime, we have received 3 volunteers at the children’s village.
They are (from left to right) Will Gayle (from the USA), Magnus Bieneck (Germany), Christiane
Carrle (also from Germany).
Will is here till the end of the year and both untill April 2013.
I am sure they will find lots of useful things to do around the children’s village. 
And finally the work on our phase two of the primary school is moving ahead steadily. The men are now preparing the hollow bricks (maxpans) that form the ceilling and support layer for the next floor. I expect they will still be busy for a week before the concrete will be casted on top.
21 Aug, 2012, week 34 AirPics from Osia Mountain

Notice how well you can see the fencing!
30 Jun 2012, Week 26 (wk 9 of proj PS1b)
The 2nd part of our school-building is taking shape and Grace checks out where her office will be.

And when the builders are not all able to work at the school, some continue to work on the dining-room. Also the work on the fabrication of cement products like the louvers and pavement bricks continue…

23 Jun 2012
Rien de Braal, a long time trusted friend and brother of the Kimbilio Family, has died this day.
You can find many pictures of Rien on this site as he has been our friend even before Kimilio land was bought.
We know him as a person with a Heart For Children.
He will be greatly missed by his Kimbilio Family!
Rien has left behind his two sisters in Holland.

16 Jun 2012, week 24 (which is week 7 of proj PS1b)

Our brand-new Mitsubishi MT180D tractor fitted with Falcon Locust L100 mower. Operated by our Alfred 😉

  But the work on our school building has also progressed nicely. The workers are now setting and casting about 4 columns per day.
In the meantime, the metal-fabricators are preparing the windows to be fitted in the school.


09 Jun, 2012   Week 23  (week 6 of project PS1b)

  At the end of the day the complete floor was ready.
In the meantime another crew has been working on the completion of the fence.

Give it another 2 weeks and the compound will be completely secured.
06 Jun, 2012 Week 23 (week 6 of project PS1b)

28th May, 2012 Week22 (Week5 of project phase 2 of KIMBILIO Primary School)
Country Director Cor Koelewijn discusses the plans with Foreman Fredrick Kiisa.

   5th May, 2012 Week 17,     (1st week of Project PS2a)

Foreman Fredrick Kissa has taken the 1st week to tie all the metal bars into the required mash and at the end of this week he sets the feet of the columns ready for Monday when we shall be casting the concrete.