Project Progress

Workshop Move

Ever since we started building on the Kimbilio Schools, the workshop was just next to the building site. And when the building site concentrated on another place, the workshop moved along. This was convenient for the time even as we had no security fence around the campus.

However now that the primary school was completed, the noise of the workshop became a nuisance to the students. Therefore a suitable place, away from the schools was identified. Then we had to wait for the finishing of a staff house block near that site to ensure there was someone living nearby to ensure the safety of all the tools and materials.

Finally, the day had arrived that we could now make the move. The shifting of these containers left every one amazed as they had hoped for the crane lifter to do the job with out knowing that our director had some practical knowledge which made the work look so easy. The carrying of these heavy containers were done by our lorries and within two days they were dragged on to their foundation which was prepared in advance. This time it is fixed permanently as you can see the kind of pillars raised and even the floor plastered.

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