Corporate Donors


Even before our new mission in Tororo – Uganda took off, we had a promise from a corporate director to support us, having witnessed first hand what we have accomplished in Namugongo.

We believe that this support has pushed us in to existence.

Needless to say, you need money to get anything done. And when corporations make a pledge to this organisation, we are able to focus our attention to what we are supposed to do.

It is a partnership.
Without them we can do little.
And there is little we can do to repay them.
But this one thing we can do:

Honoring them for their contribution.
And that is what this section of the site is about.

We would LOVE to see your corporate name added to the menu of this pagegroup!


Individual Promotors

Besides the corporate Donors, we have individuals who make a BIG effort in making it known about what we do here in Africa for the children who need us to speak up for their defence.

These are the people who use their job, circle of friends or other means to spread the news about the good things that are happening by the work of our hands.

We really need these people and we would very much like to add your name to this group as wel

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