The Team

In the Netherlands

In the netherlands we have a team of volunteers who help raise funds and awareness for the work of the Heart For Children in Uganda.

The Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Marrianne Zeldenrust
  • Treasurer : Rob Koelewijn
  • Secretary: Rina Van den Boogaard
  • Founders: Cor & Grace Koelewijn

Other promotors

  • Sipke Zeldenrust

In Germany

In Germany we also have a team of promoters and fundraisers

In Uganda

In Uganda we have the implimentation of the organizations goals.

  • Cor & Grace Koelewijn as Founders and main promoters
    • Grace functions as Director for Education and Sponsorship
    • Cor functiones as National Director and Projects implimentation

Other officers for the proposed board of Directors are in the pipeline and connot be publicly mentioned till this is official. This as we are in the progres of submitting to the registra of companies and board of NGO’s
Furthermore, as we progess, and as the team is growing, we will post the full details of the leaders of departments here to give you the impression of who pulls what…

(to be completed later)

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