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Annual General Meeting-Nov 2019

What a great multitude we had today as we came to the end of year! This has been one of it’s kind ever since we began having these meetings.
This term just like other terms, we ended on well with a lot of laughter, amusements, speeches, and words of encouragement from different guests.
This time we had over five hundred people and so far, it has been ranked the best in terms of attendance especially with the guardians.
Academically, most of the students excelled in performance and in other disciplines apart from some few cases.
Besides our international guest, Uncle Jakobus from Germany, we had the new children together with their guardians who came to join the Kimbilio family as well as having a picture of what normally takes place.
There was awarding of gifts to best performing pupils/ students & teachers in academics, discipline,sports, hygiene, hard working prefects, spiritual aspects, among others.
Afterward, Senior one students also honored our Directors by presenting a gift of appreciation for all God has used them to do in their lives.

On the side of speeches; Aunt Grace (Director Education),thanked every body for their hard work, introduced the new family members for 2020, appealed to guardians to consider the girl child needs, and reminded children not to forget about the theme we have had this year about “Social, Spiritual, and Academic Excellence”, and to accept whatever God will provide to their guardians.
While Uncle Cor (National Director), said was very happy for the children for doing well, the senior four and P7 who finished successfully, he reminded every one about the vision having educated, disciple d and empowered. He finally requested children and parents not to forget their gift of salvation in all. Our Chief guest from Germany hinted on Kimbilio being a place of refugee and helpless children to gain hope that when we reach heaven, there will be no color but rather we shall be one. Then all members were wished Merry Christmas and happy new year 2020.