Project Progress

Casting The First Column For The School

On Saturday the 18th of September 2010 ,we had the pleasure of casting the first bit of the new school building after Prayer was offered by Children & Staff.
First we asked the children what people usually do when they start on the foundation. They were quick to answer that they kill a child and put him down in the foundation!
Why should an 8 or 7 year old know such a horrific thing? this is because it is almost appearing weekly in the news here!
Today there will be no blood sacrifice by a witch doctor,instead, the innocent children come together to pray over ‘their’ building.
We had a great time and all of us had our turn in pouring a wheelbarrow of concrete in the first hole hence together we have made the start!
We are very grateful to you, our donors for making this possible! We thank God who made you take notice of us!
Now we have a new challenge for in just a few months these classrooms are needed. By February 2011 we will have 24 fresh children knock at our door and they will expect that we have another classroom full with furniture and all, ready and waiting for them. Pray for us and our building team that all will move smoothly!
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