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DEAR Day Participation-2020

The Uganda’s National DEAR day has been set officially by the Ministry of Education and Sports and the date for DEAR day is always set at end of each year. The Word DEAR stands for “Drop Everything And Read”, Very interesting statement!

The purpose of this day is to have an effort to promote a reading culture and love of learning on a national scale,an unprecedented number of state holders have come together to create the following vision-at the exact same time, on the very same day,every one in institution or community Organizations across Uganda will put down what they are doing and engage in reading. Just imagine what a powerful message about education and the importance of literacy this activity will send, our nation reading together, all at once.
Among the activities that were carried out this day at our Institution ( Kimbilio), included the following; Buddy reading, Read aloud, Writing workshops, and the Guest speaker/ reader.

A total of 46 pupils from all the classes sent in their candidates/ readers and surely the day was very colorful and enjoyable by all who came to listen.
Having participated on this great day, our Institution is looking forward to receiving a Certificate from Peace Corp.
The readers got some articles from the newspapers, story books, and others were very creative to come up with their own slogans/messages.
This program is also encouraged for one hour only.
However, we had a guest of honor who was our Director for Education Kimbilio Schools-Tororo. The guest of honor Aunt Grace Koelewijn together with our National Director Heart For Children, thanked all the participants and encouraged so much this culture of reading to continue for their betterment.

All the readers were given some gifts to encourage/boost their morale in future.
In conclusion, we would like to appreciate all the initiators and promoters of this ideas like the Peace Corp, Government of Uganda under Ministry of Education & Sports, enjuba and KCCA.