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End Of Year Meeting 2017

At Kimbilio, you have come to expect our usual end of year gathering of students, teachers and guardians.  This day is very valuable to both the Kimbilio Family and all other stake holders like the guardians, friends and all other well wishers. This year, it was held on 6th-December-2017 at Kimbilio’s Main Hall. Both the parents of old children, and the newly recruited orphans together with their guardians/ care takers were invited to attend the occasion. The new children and their guardians are always invited to come to be oriented on how the program works and to interact with their newly acquired family members. There were a number of activities which included; introduction of the new children and guardians, performances by different children in singing, dramas, acting poems, and lunch. Besides that, there was awarding of prizes & gifts like T-shirts, shoes, bed sheets and school bags to children and some food stuffs to teachers who had excelled in various disciplines like smartness, academic giants, spiritual performance, well disciplined and respectful and also in the area of time management but Owere Sam of prednisone over the counter primary six class emerged the best of all, in the way that his name was mentioned more than three times and given more gifts than the rest.  

While on the side teachers, the High-School awarded teacher Wycliffe Ondego for time management followed by teacher Odulla Joseph in scheming and lesson planning. While for the primary section, teacher Doreen was awarded for time management, Teacher Moreen for lesson planning and scheming, Tr Paul, Tr Julius among others.
Finally, the Directors gave their speeches at the end, by requesting every body to stand up and sing a song called “Ebenezer”, meaning thus far God has brought us.  Having finished the song, the directors gave thanks to God who had enabled them to do all that, sponsors, Kimbilio staff, guardians especially the old ones and the children themselves who have sacrificed to do their best academically. They also reminded the guardians to always remember their part/ responsibilities towards the children’s necessities, especially when they are reporting to the  school.
They also continued to urge the children to be focused on what brought them to Kimbilio school and not to always misuse the chance given.They further emphasized the issue of discipline being paramount in every body’s success. They concluded by calling up on every one to pray with them for God’s provision to get High school in place for conducive environment and later wished every one a prednisone happy Christmas and new year.

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