Site Engineer Obura Besweri
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High School Dormitory Building

In the same humble way we began building Kimbilio High School, we are now setting up our Kimbilio High School Dormitory. As you may be able to see, our newly recruited Site-Engineer together with his hard working team have made a good start on this already. To reach this far, our builders have worked both day and night shifts to make this achievable. Night-shift because we did not want the students to be disturbed in their studies towards the end of their term one.
Mr Obura Besweri, the site engineer tells us that his target is to finish this building before year end.
This will greatly ease the congestion in the Primary Dormitories where our High-School boys are still residing. As you can understand, this is not a very healthy situation and we look forward to the big boys moving in to their own space.

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