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Kimbilio Children Under 15 Get Measles Rubella & Polio Vaccine

Kimbilio children who are below the age of 15 years, have been at the front to embrace this Government program of immunization campaign.
This National Immunization Day (NIDS/SNIDS), has been organized by UNEPI and the Ugandan Government under Ministry of Health.
This program kicked off today country wide and focusing on children under the age of fifteen years, who must receive the doses of measles Rubella and those under five years, must receive oral polio vaccine.
However, this is just National Supplemental Immunization Activities ( SIA), that are intended to supplement routine immunization.
According to the research, if properly conducted, SIA will lead to the elimination of measles Rubella diseases and eradication of polio in Uganda.
Subsequent supplement Immunization activities ( SIA), will also provide similar antigens or additional antigens accordingly.
A word of appreciation goes to the Government of Uganda and all the medical staff,Parents, and teachers for having embraced this life focused program.

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