2022 School of Prefessional Studies education Kimbilio Professional Volunteers

Meet Sjaak Meertens

Sjaak is the latest addition and volunteer to our Kimbilio Team.

It is a privilege to meet Mr. Sjaak, a gifted teacher of Physics at Kimbilio!
The name Sjaak in English stands for James and the sir-name Meertens has it’s root in the name “Martin”.
Sjaak is a Dutch national, a father of two children, a girl and a boy.
His profession is Mechanical Engineer and Physics teacher which he holds a Master’s degree from Netherland.
Sjaak has been in Uganda since November 2019 to-date. He came to Uganda through the Dutch Kumi Hospital foundation which begun to shape under the approval of the Kumi Hospital Board together with Uganda Investment Corporation ( UIC), which is a group of Dutch entrepreneurs who set up projects in Uganda to promote the self-reliance of the population there and exploit the land under the name “Kumi Hospital Agro Park”.
Besides this, Sjaak has also worked in the central district of Uganda called Luwero as an Administrator of the so called “Agro Forestation Farm Project”.
Now he plans to hand over his responsibility to his successor to run the above project, which is due in December.

The way Sjaak found his way to Kimbilio is another interesting story. At the end of 2021 uncle Cor received a volunteer, Bernhard, who was also a nephew to Cor’s younger brother in Holland. After Bernhard’s visit to Kimbilio he went to Kumi and visited Sjaak’s project there and told him all the stories about Cor’s plans to start the “Kimbilio School of Professional Studies” here in Osia. This aroused the curiosity of Sjaak and caused him to find out about this person called Cor and his school called Kimbilio…

Sjaak being of the same nationality and having similar interests, especially the future project for the School of Professional Studies, Sjaak expressed interest in taking part in the setting up of this new school.
While i was interacting with Mr Sjaak, he says he likes the Kimbilio environment, the setting, and above all, the kind of people he has met here. For the few days we have been with him, our science students have enjoyed and tested his education material. he is a very friendly and approachable to everybody. He now resides in our new staff block and enjoys his stay there with his new neighbors.

In conclusion, we as Kimbilio family do appreciate Mr Sjaak for accepting to be part of what is happening here and promise to work with him where possible because we have discovered his potential and love for our ministry to reach another level of development.
We pray that God will enable him to help lift Kimbilio up to the next level.

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