Kimbilio Uganda Volunteers

Meet The Eymann’s Family From Germany

We are so glad to share with you about our recent Germany volunteers. This is a very humble family that consisted of Thomas Eymann, his wife Cordula Eymann and their son Jonas Eymann.Thomas Eymann is a truck driver and his wife Cordula Eymann a social worker by profession and their son still at school.

They stayed at Kimbilio Children Village for at least a period of one month. While with us here, they exhibited their great potential and talents by participating in a lot of programs like making children furniture, varnishing them and serving meals to the children,plus also their generous contribution especially when they bought banana clusters for all the children and the staff, this made the day colorful and joyous.
According to their experiences, they were very excited to have met with such motivating,loving staff and children.
They also appreciated and recommended the kind of education that has been put in place for children as being the best. They loved all the Christian values in place and pray to God to continue sustaining the organization.
Above all, they were amazed by people’s hospitality that was rendered to them. On the side of food, they said it was their first time to have posho and beans and other African dishes that were appetizing but still every evening, they had freedom to prepare a meal of their choice in their guest house.

In their conclusion, they developed a big respect to the school cooks who always work tirelessly both lunch and supper to make sure children eat on time and every day, some thing they believed is not there in Germany of getting one or two people cooking for such a big population of 300 people.
They encouraged the people to be proud of being Ugandans saying that our vegetation is wonderful and rich in every thing. With all that, as Kimbilio family we also pray that God will grant them their heart desire for the moment we were able to meet and share experiences. May God richly bless your family!

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