Donors Kimbilio Project Progress

New Water Pump

Our first water pump was working very well from 2008 until the electricity company provided us with some very dirty power. It blew our pump and immediately we had a crisis! We went to Kampala to buy a new pump. But the good one we wanted was not in supply. “Mister, this one can also work just as well” was what they told me…

It was not true. That pump was a major headache up-to last year where we had to babysit the thing almost daily.

Our cries about the water problems were picked up by a friend of a friend of a friend…
The good people of Stichting GNAP jumped in and some weeks later… here we are with a brand new pump. This time we got a good pump; a GRUNDFOSS SQ-3-65.

Yesterday I worked with Jacob our project foreman and Davis the electrician to pull out the old pump and after cleaning up the raiser pipe and fittings and connecting the new cable we hung the pump back in at 48 meter deep (the borehole is 55 meters deep) and after testing it we could see the pump was running as expected

It is now back connected to the automatic level-switch and by the time the lock-down for schools is over (no end in sight yet though) the children will be able to enjoy it’s wonderful and healthy clean drinking water.

Thank you Stichting GNAP and Herman van der Bij (the friend who knew a friend who knew a friend)