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Reopening Of Schools Sensitization Meeting

After the president’s last address on the current state of Covid-19 in the country, Schools are now alowed to reopen, be it with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The Schools are to reopen this very month on 15th and only the finalists like: Primary-Seven, Senior-Four, and Senior-Six candidates and those in Universities. Presently in our School, we only have two candidate classes; P7 and S4.
The Ministry of Education has issued guidelines for the inspection of Education Institutions on the requirements and the SOP in order to ensure safety of children and the staff. And after the inspection, the certificate is to be issued to allow operation or reopening of the School.
This has called for the brief sensitization/ training meeting of our teaching staff in preparation to reopening of these candidate classes.
Our Headteacher Racheal Alota has gone through all the guidelines and requirements with all her staff and we are now on standby and ready to implement. Having finished that, the Covid-19 task force has been put in place with all the gadgets.The committee elected Tr Julius Angura as the task force chairperson.

The Covid-19 Training and election of the Task Force.

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