Team ECOstyle From The Netherlands

They are taking up the challenge to create the first of the SOLAR REFLECTORS that hopefully will steam up our kitchen here in Osia
It is not a news idea, Mr Wolfgang Scheffler has well documented it on http://www.solare-bruecke.org
With this job we at heart4children hope to make our kitchen a little more environment friendly. In most boarding schools in East Africa firewood is used to fuel the enormous kitchens. By doing this we cut down a lot of firewood and in Tororo District this is rather in short supply already!
We hope that this project may end up being an example for many boarding schools around us. And just like Mr Scheffler, we will gladly and freely give them all the information on how to make their own solar kitchen.
But now, let us first finish our own… 😉
Link: http://www.heart4children.org/en/what-others-did/groups/2010-NL-ECOstyle.htm
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