Project Progress

Tree-Planting Exercise

In preparation for the expected rain-season or wet season as some people prefer to call it, we have planted 100 traditional African trees.This is not a simple task when you have 25 acres of land, or should I call it rock because it is just solid volcanic rock with just some 30cm (1 foot) of top-soil on it. This makes planting of trees a bit of a challenge… but not impossible. We have contracted some workers to dig 100 holes of one cubic meter into this rock and then filled it with nice and good top-soil. Like a big flower pot the trees are planted in the center of it. I am informed by botanical experts that the trees will have no problem breaking the rock with their strong roots once grown to adult size.
With this exercise, we hope to change this land that the locals refer to as “barren” into a nice green garden of Eden.