What we do

The main goal of Heart for Children is to help orphans with a solid education. To achieve this we have started a Christian boarding school with a strong evangelical character. At this school we admit students who have their parents who can pay their fees, as well as orphans for whom we seek a sponsor. The idea behind this is that we try to make the school to be totally self reliant. We try to avoid a situation where donors pull out and leave the project crippled.

All staff are professional teachers with all the appropriate certification. In addition to this we train our teachers and non-teaching staff in good Christian principles. We have designed a tailor made course to train our staff in good Christian principles of parenting, teaching and leadership.

Our focus at the moment is the finishing of our Osia Campus. On this site we are presently working on the primary school. You can follow the project progres on this page.

This will be followed by the establishing of a secondary school. At the same time we will look into establishing a health facility that will serve both the school children, staff and also the villagers.

What we do not do

One thing we do not do is to take in babies! This is a conscious choice as we believe that babies and toddlers belong with their mothers or grandparents in the absence of the former. We believe that institutionalizing babies is something that needs to be avoided at all cost.

Another thing we do not do is to offer children for adoption. We try by all means to educate these children with the aim to make Uganda a better place. We feel that offering children for adoption does not serve this purpose.