Groups & Volunteers


They left their footsteps in Uganda


Before the first brick was laid in Osia, the first group had been there to prepare the way.

On the menu on the left-side is a listof most groups & volunteers that have contributed to this fantastic Children’s Village and made it possible for these children to have a safe place to learn.

You may click on these links and see a full page of their activities.

After you have browsed through these pages and found that you would also like to leave your footsteps behind in Africa, then we welcome you to contact us and start the dialogue about how to make your trip an unforgetable experiance.

Influence Eternity For A Child

Perhaps you just want to come and have an active holiday. Do something for those who don’t have a chance riding against the storm.

Your coming could change the life of a child, give him a chance that he otherwise would miss. By your coming, one child may have a place to study, or have a safe place away form an abusive situation.

But not just the child’s life will be changed forever. I can assure you that your perspective on Africa will be changed for the better for the rest of your life!

  Find Your Destiny in Ministry

Our motivation for inviting young explorers is not only to help the needy in Africa, but also to help the young explorer find their full destiny in their calling for ministry. God calls many young explorers but hearing God’s voice is sometimes difficult in the midst of MTV, Facebook and MSN

Perhaps God is calling you to the ministry of helping orphans but how can you know for sure?

One way of finding out is to just go on a short term mission trip and do the work of a missionary. Feel and smell the mission-field, reach out and touch someone, make his world a better place, if you can.

We will gladly help you, talk with you, guide you in understanding if it is really written on your life, if indeed you are destined to do something like this. And then we gladly help you find your place.

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