Donating to Heart For Children

For donations in The Netherlands:

Acct Nr: 44 98 782
IBAN: NL76PSTB0004498782
for: Stichting Heart4children
Ruigenhoek 8, Burgerveen

For donations in Germany:

M├╝hlrad e.V.
VoBa Heidenheim
BLZ: 63290110
Konto: 132849003
Notation: Uganda

For International donations.

Please use paypal.

Start by opening the paypal site and fill in the recipient:, then continue by filling in your details.

Thank you for your contributions!

All your donations are 100% for the benefit of the children of “Heart4Children”

We guarantee that the above mentioned agents that receive your donation sent the full amount, just like you have given it, including the designation as you have indicated, on to the account in Africa of heart4children.

We can do this because all workers in the European offices are volunteers. Even the equipment they use are lend to us for this purpose.

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