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Expand your Horizon

We at Heart for Children believe that our mission is two-fold.

First we would like to give the most needy and neglected orphans a better chance in life.  At the same time we would like to bring an awareness of these severe issues to the people, in particular the youth, of the west.  To show them that there is a different world on this continent of Africa that does not have all the privileges that we in the west are so much accustomed to.

We attempt to give the teams and individuals a meaningful and memorable experience in a safe and as comfortable a setting as possible.
We try to find suitable and fitting assignments for each team and volunteer to make their experience one of a lifetime!

It is best for people to come as a team, and not as an individual as working as a team provides a better chance to evaluate the experience and to talk through the intense cultural differences with others.  In our experience, the first-time-volunteer has an overload of emotions and impressions to work through.

Please continue browsing through these pages and learn how others experienced their Africa Journey.

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