Prayer Points

Thank you for considering to pray for us.
In our years of ministry we have found that we are utterly dependent on the prayer cover of the believers.
We are typically doer and that type of people are typically not prayer warriors.
We are no exemption to that rule…

General Topics

Here are some general topics that you can pray for:

  • The Children under our care; their safety on the road, their health, their guardians, salvation!
  • Our Staff members; Safety in general, health, salvation!
  • Our funding

Uganda Topics

These are some topics related to Uganda

  • Pray for the AIDS sufferers
  • Pray for the orphans, that many more churches & believers will get involved in helping them!
  • Pray for the Government; stability, against corruption, for Christian leaders to stand up and present themselves for these heavy tasks!
  • Pray for the President; for wisdom, integrity, his health and his return to Christ as he confessed to be born again when he was at university.

Heart4Children Topics

These are some topics related to the functioning of the Heart4Uganda organization

  • Pray for God to help us shape a clear vision
  • Pray for God to bring us in contact with potential partners, churches that will involve themselves in this ministry
  • Pray that God may bring the most desperate orphans on our path so we can help them and
  • Pray that God may help us find sponsors for them

Cor & Grace Koelewijn & Family Topics

Here are some specific topics related to our family

  • Pray for our personal funding