Fritom Group

In 2006 one of our Dutch volunteers, Sipke Zeldenrust, visited Cor & Grace in Uganda. Upon his return his experiences were shared with his employer & colegues of the “Fritom Group”. This caused quite some interest of management in the work of this organization and it was soon decided to make a financial contribution to this project. This contribution was designated for the start of the maintenance workshop.
Recently the “Fritom Group” decided to support the project for an extended period. For this reason our chairperson, Marrianne Zeldenrust and her brother in law, the volunteer mentioned earlier, Sipke Zeldenrust were invited to the office of Fritom in Bolsward (the Netherlands) on the 17th of April 2009. The Executive Director, Mr. Rudy Vellema made it clear that “Fritom”was very impressed with the progres of the project in the recent years. The fact that we are a rather small and transparent organization drew their attention. Within the Fritom organization the thought that we must do it together is commonly shared. Not only within the company, but also in society. Those who are well to do should share with those who are lacking.

With the gift that our boardmembers we have received we will be able to soon start the work of building the school-block. With this expansion we shall soon be able to add to the quantity & quality of education to the orphans and give many of them hope for tomorrow.

We sincerely express our gratitude to the “Fritom Group”, it’s management and staffmembers for the motion of trust they have expressed in this way