What may we do for you?

Freely you have received, freely give. (Mat 10:8 NIV)


Through the (over 20!) years, we have received countless gifts, big and small, from rich and poor. It has enabled us to do a lot in helping these little children.

Surely there have been lots of mistakes in all our best efforts. But through it all we have found what we feel is the best way forward in helping these orphans of East Africa.

A little secret in this success is who we are; a mixed “Black&White” couple, Ugandan/European.

It is this experience that we gladly share with others.

Why should anyone make the same mistakes over again? If you are willing, we are ready to share our experiences with you and help you to make a faster start then we had to make.

In this chapter we share with you in what way we can be of help for you.

Let you get a taste of missions

As leaders of this organization, we feel that our mission is not only to serve the orphans. Having started as volunteers ourself, we have a strong commitment to help young christians to get a first experience in what it is like to be a missionary.

David Livingstone went to Africa without much of the experience that we have today. Not that we compare ourselves to this great man of history but we have been here for some time and we can help guide you through this first encounter with the African continent.

We feel it is important to have young explorers over and let them taste, smell,touch and see mission work.

It is possible that your destiny is here somewhere and one way to find out is by doing a short term mission trip.

Help you to get started…

We offer our experience to you

One of the things we like to do is to help those who clearly have a calling to help orphans

We would like to help them to get started somewhere. We are convinced that the best way we can help these orphans is by means of education through a boarding school.

The new 25 acre (10 ha) of new land for the schoolproject in Osia/Tororo

The proven way…

We can show you the way we do things over here and if you like, you could volunteer with us for some time to understand the way we do things. We could give you the oportunity to see all the different aspects of the ministry so as to prepare you for your task of leader & pioneer.

After you have see all it takes to start a children’s village (which may take about 2 years) you should have an idea on where to start your new children’s village.

We can assist you and go out with you to this area and help you to find a suitable piece of land. We could also help you in the right direction, get a good lawyer for the process of purchasing it. (believe me, it may not at all be so easy here and lots of very enthousiastic missionaries have ended up buying very expensive HOT AIR!)


In case you would like to register a fresh organization for this purpose, we can offer some advise on how to do that too… After that you can be on your own or,  in case you feel you like to do it under the flag of Heart4children wecould discuss this as you are growing in your vision for your project.

All in all we can continue to guide- and coach you throughout your journey of growing in a fully operational educational children’s village.

The alternative way…

Still, with the knowledge that there are not anough organizations to handle the need in Africa we gladly assist you with all the templates for documentation, advice and costing to get you started in whatever you like to setup as long as it comes to the benefit of the orphans of Africa and for the advancement of development of this continent.

Batch1-Class.JPG Batch1-Lovely-girls.JPG Batch1-classwork-P1.JPG

Our main objective is to avoid people starting out in isolation, making BIG blunders that are so un-neccesary. Where we can, we will try to be of assistance to help you start something that has a finishing chance.

In the process, we would like you to do it in a way that you yourself servive the process as well. Many went before you, put their trust in some honest-looking-brother, and ended up finding out that their all-to-eager and honest-looking and smooth-talking-brother put all the assets in his own name and finaly told the non-suspecting, yet over-enhousiastic European brother that his- or her presence is no longer appreciated…

Together we can make Africa look better

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