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Meet Volunteers Wyp & Freerk

What a blessing when we received Wyp Flapper and Freerk Visserman!Both of them come from Friesland, The Netherlands from a village called Heeg. By profession Wyp is a social worker while Freerk is a fisherman. For Freerk this was not

Meet the Eymann’s Family from Germany

We are so glad to share with you about our recent Germany volunteers. This is a very humble family that consisted of Thomas Eymann, his wife Cordula Eymann and their son Jonas Eymann.Thomas Eymann is a truck driver and his

Kimbilio SickBay

We are happy to today to tell you about our sick-bay/ clinic with a well trained nurse– Mbeiza Sarah Kasiba. She joined the organization in term 2 of 2017. The clinic has been a great relief to all in that

Meet Kai Martin, Our New Germany Volunteer

Kai Martin is a 25 year old volunteer worker, born in Bavaria Germany and a land surveyor by profession. He first heard about Heart for children from Pastor Jakobus Richter through his parents during a church service. It is from

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Patricia And Tabea Organize The Library

Patricia & Tabea have joined the Kimbilio Family for the 3rd term They have come to help organize the library, recording all the books in the database and labeling them per category. They also made a part of the school

Luuk & Annelieke

Luuk (Cor’s nephew) & Annelieke came to visit the project. Not just to see, but also to leave their footsteps. Luuk & Anneliek have helped in the painting of the Reception office at the gate. For more information, Click here

California Team 2012

May I introduce to you: Karin, John, Nate, Mike, Patti, Bruce and Malissa. They have painted two boys rooms and set the challenge for us to try to make all the other rooms as good as those two…  Thank you

Piet & Rianne Zeldenrust On Dental Mission

Piet Zeldenrust who is a practicing dentist in Holland together with his student dentist daughter have come to Kimbilio Children’s Village to help many children with their dental problems. Link: For more information, Click Here

Volunteers Have Come

This month we have been joined by (from left to right) Will Gayle, Magnus Bieneck, Christiane Carrle (from the USA, and from Germany:) respectively. Will is here till the end of the year and both Magnus and Christiane untill April

Rien de Braal Passes Away

Today a dear brother of the Kimbilio Family has passed away. We will miss you Rien! 22 Jul 1961 — 23 Jun 2012 Rien has been coming to Uganda every year since the beginning of Heart4children. He has been helping