Kimbilio Kimbilio Children Uganda

Noah’s Ark Band Surprise Visit

I have known Piet & Pita Buitendijk since ~1996 from well before the days of Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministries and today Piet called me as he was traveling with a whole bunch of his children from Mombasa back to Mukono asking if I was ready to have them play for our Kimbilio Children. What a wonderful way to drop in for a surprise visit!

His children sure knew what they were doing because right from the first note right up-to the end they were SPOT ON the music. WOW, such talent! I can say I was very blessed by this surprise visit and blessed to see some of the fruit of his hands.Some of the children he traveled with we knew from when they were 3,4 and 5 year old, now they are all grown up and playing instruments like professionals… Wow!

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