What a great multitude we had today as we came to the end of year! This has been one of it’s kind ever since we began having these meetings.
This term just like other terms, we ended on well with a lot of laughter, amusements, speeches, and words of encouragement from different guests.
This time we had over five hundred people and so far, it has been ranked the best in terms of attendance especially with the guardians.
Academically, most of the students excelled in performance and in other disciplines apart from some few cases.
Besides our international guest, Uncle Jakobus from Germany, we had the new children together with their guardians who came to join the Kimbilio family as well as having a picture of what normally takes place.
There was awarding of gifts to best performing pupils/ students & teachers in academics, discipline,sports, hygiene, hard working prefects, spiritual aspects, among others.
Afterward, Senior one students also honored our Directors by presenting a gift of appreciation for all God has used them to do in their lives.

On the side of speeches; Aunt Grace (Director Education),thanked every body for their hard work, introduced the new family members for 2020, appealed to guardians to consider the girl child needs, and reminded children not to forget about the theme we have had this year about “Social, Spiritual, and Academic Excellence”, and to accept whatever God will provide to their guardians.
While Uncle Cor (National Director), said was very happy for the children for doing well, the senior four and P7 who finished successfully, he reminded every one about the vision having educated, disciple d and empowered. He finally requested children and parents not to forget their gift of salvation in all. Our Chief guest from Germany hinted on Kimbilio being a place of refugee and helpless children to gain hope that when we reach heaven, there will be no color but rather we shall be one. Then all members were wished Merry Christmas and happy new year 2020.

While our Primary 7 and Senior 4 finishers have left the school this week, others are busy doing their end of year examinations, and their teachers are marking.
We expect them to finish towards the end of this week (2019W47) so that next week on the 27th of November, all children can go home for their Christmas holidays.
In Uganda this holiday is about ten to twelve weeks long. Towards the end of the year we usually have all children exposed to external examinations which are set by other boards to test our standard. The school can decide to buy these exams which assure that the school is prepared for the national exams which are set by the UNEB (Uganda National Examinations Board)
This year our expectations for the exam results are high because our canditate classes were very well prepared and showed a good knowledge of the subjects.
We request for your prayers for the protection of our children as they are going to their homes.

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As we have reported earlier, the preparation for roof casting on KHS-Dorm is ongoing…
This week all our builders have concentrated all their effords on this project.

We are now working on casting the floor that covers some four rooms…
This is being done through the help our internees who have been on ground for six weeks and are expected to finish this very week.
Indeed as a family of Kimbilio, we do recognize their great contribution to our school. Next year, our Kimbilio High School boys will be having their independence. We appreciate all those that are making this happen and change our children’s future.

What a historical day it has been! This is the fifth time when we are having Primary Leaving Examinations (P.L.E.) as Kimbilio family.
The other unique thing is that apart from our own candidates, we are this year having other schools joining our center to sit from here, indeed it is amazing and also a great blessing to us as this gives us the opportunity to serve schools beyond Kimbilio
This year, we have 77 candidates who are to sit exams from here, 25 of these pupils are Kimbilio children and the others are from our neighboring schools like: TICAF P/S, Osiru Community School and ‘No Rest’ P/S.(yes really, that is the name of the school) The PLE will be commencing country wide on Monday 4th-5th/ November.
According to our Head-teacher Racheal Alota and other Head teachers from different Schools, said that this year’s theme is: “Integrity & security in management of examination is my responsibility”.

In their communications to the candidates, they advised them to develop confidence, avoid Mal-practice, being neat in their work, avoid change of names and spellings that can affect their performance. With all the basics & prayers we have always given them, we believe God to help them achieve good grades / results.

Today was yet another incredible day in Kimbilio, as guardians, Directors, Head-teacher, Teachers, other staff plus the candidates themselves converged together in union/ one accord to trust in God through their prayers of blessing all the candidates of this year.
Our Directors, said a slogan “that instead of drinking water from the well of education here, others have been deciding to go away”. However, they said anyway some times, you can take a horse to drink water but still refuses thus it will be upon the horse in future.
They still requested pupils to respect and love their guardians whom they live with currently, read hard until they finish education.
The Guest of Honor Dr.Omalla David began by appreciating God for his life and family, Kimbilio Directors, guardians,all the staff in their various capacities without forgetting the real candidates of the day ( P7 Candidates) for the seven years of struggle.
He also advised the candidates Not to fear the forth coming exams but rather trust in God.
He advised the children that if one acquired good education, at least would be sure of the open doors in future. He further informed the pupils that Education is painful but there is success in it. He advised and encouraged the candidates to enter the examination room with hope and believe in God for their excellence. On addition to their memory trust, he told them to continue revising.
As he was sharing from the Bible, he talked of Proverbs 22:6, that says train up a child in the way he should go and when grows up, he should not depart away from it. He added Deuteronomy 6:6-9, that says to love God with all your hearts and souls.
He finally concluded by urging the children to be very faithful in all their lives and assured them of God’s protection and care even though they are total orphans.

Kimbilio Primary pupils being trained after having been selected by Makerere Innovation Society to give some students the opportunity to participate this year in free ICT Program.The program involves a half-day visit to the School once a week. This program is going to run from 1st-31st/ October 2019, for two weeks at any day of convenient by the Africa Code Week (ACW) team Trainers from Makerere Innovation society.
This workshop has to take place in the school Computer Lab and the School is required to select a maximum 100 students to benefit from this free ICT program. On the day of official launch in eastern Uganda, 20 students from each of the participating School,will represent the School in the innovation competition among schools at Busitema University in October 2019.
In brief, Africa Code Week (ACW) is an initiative in it’s fifth year of implementation and has the goal of empowering future generations with the coding tools and ICT skills they need to thrive in the 21st century workforce and become key actors in Africa’s economic development.
So far over 4 million youth and  50.000 teachers across Africa , have been trained on digital learning curriculum.
The following like Makerere University, Kyambogo University, Busitema University, Makerere Innovation Society, World Vision, Irish Aid, Fundi Bots, Mindset Coders, the WIT and WITU, Andela, among others.
As Kimbilio we are grateful to ACW for having considered our School to be among the beneficiaries.

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Kimbilio children who are below the age of 15 years, have been at the front to embrace this Government program of immunization campaign.
This National Immunization Day (NIDS/SNIDS), has been organized by UNEPI and the Ugandan Government under Ministry of Health.
This program kicked off today country wide and focusing on children under the age of fifteen years, who must receive the doses of measles Rubella and those under five years, must receive oral polio vaccine.
However, this is just National Supplemental Immunization Activities ( SIA), that are intended to supplement routine immunization.
According to the research, if properly conducted, SIA will lead to the elimination of measles Rubella diseases and eradication of polio in Uganda.
Subsequent supplement Immunization activities ( SIA), will also provide similar antigens or additional antigens accordingly.
A word of appreciation goes to the Government of Uganda and all the medical staff,Parents, and teachers for having embraced this life focused program.

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The Kimbilio site engineer and his team are again back to begin on preparing for the slab work on High School dormitory. According to the Engineer and Uncle Jacob, as they were inspecting and assessing the work on ground, they expect concrete roof casting to be done by December and early next year when children come back, will just enter their new home.
We only pray that God gives us the strength and support to achieve all these.

Like previous years, our school has been selected to offer the trainees some good technical skills.
On arrival day, our Director; Cor Koelewijn and the site Engineer Obura Besweri are communicating our expectation from them. These internees have been divided into groups, some are on making furniture and others building of the wall fence.This term, we have been assigned a team of eighteen trainees, three are carpenters and the rest builders.
These students are from AURO Technical Institute Tororo. Previously, we can acknowledge the effort by some of their students whom have passed through our hands whereby some of them are now employed here at Kimbilio. They will be here for two months. At the end of the day, some incentives in form of pocket money is given to them to help them with some small needs.
Our organization benefits as well as you can see the kind of work being done on site.

What a privilege for Kimbilio family to have our first Blessing Service for our pioneering class to sit for Senior Four UNEB Examinations!  Our candidates will be briefed next week and thereafter are ready to sit for their exams.
We can surely conclude that it has been one of it’s kind because of our first fruit ( Senior four Candidates) sitting for the first time.
We are proud of them because we have come along way and indeed they have been of great encouragement to our Organization. These children were the first to be registered in the sponsorship program. Out of the 24 candidates we have had in the beginning, seventeen managed to reach to this level, and we are proud of them.
Today all our High School teachers, Directors, spiritual parents Dr Omalla David and Mama Ziporah and our social worker; Pr Moses Musasizi were here to lay hands on our pioneer candidates.
Among other activities that took place included;lunch, entertainment by some girls, speeches from different people like children representatives ( Akoth Anne), Director of Studies ( Tr Ondego Wycliffe), Teachers’ representative Tr Obbo Patrick, parents’ representative, Head-teacher, Our founder Directors.
While prayer and sharing of the word of God was conducted by Dr David Omalla, who preached in the Book of Luke 11:5. In his message, he told members that hard work pays and education is very important. He compounded his words with his personal testimony of his struggles to get to where he is today as PhD. degree holder from extreme humble beginnings of his village primary school in Chawolo.
In Conveying his messages to their candidates, the DOS told students not “to give up and not to misuse their labor for all these four years”.
Head-teacher, requested all the candidates to maintain humility wherever they go. (more…)

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