Kimbilio High School Music and drama team on Saturday was invited to participate in the Fransalian Inter-School cultural competition and before that they had serious rehearsals in preparing for the day.

It was organized by Fransalian Mission. The venue was at St Francis De Sales College in Tororo.
The competition was between four Schools that included; St Francis De sales College, Kimbilio High School, Mbale Comprehensive and Mama Kevina Seondary School although other Schools like Holy Cross primary School, were invited too. Among the activities that took place were; poems, Skit and cultural/ traditional dance.
The event that began at 12:00Pm,ended at 17:00pm with a lot of excitements from students.
our students were accompanied by a number of teachers. This was very good experience for our children in that it was their first time to participate in this cultural competition thus, opened up their eyes for future good performance.
According to the Music and drama teacher, concludes by saying the day was so colorful and nice experience for one to learn.

Above all, we can not forget to thank God who enabled us go through this tough competition that gave us third position in all areas.
We managed to receive some two trophies and seventy five thousand Uganda shillings. What a blessing our children brought home!

I have known Piet & Pita Buitendijk since ~1996 from well before the days of Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministries and today Piet called me as he was traveling with a whole bunch of his children from Mombasa back to Mukono asking if I was ready to have them play for our Kimbilio Children. What a wonderful way to drop in for a surprise visit!

His children sure knew what they were doing because right from the first note right up-to the end they were SPOT ON the music. WOW, such talent! I can say I was very blessed by this surprise visit and blessed to see some of the fruit of his hands.

Some of the children he traveled with we knew from when they were 3,4 and 5 year old, now they are all grown up and playing instruments like professionals… Wow!

Kimbilio High School had the privilege of hosting neighboring Schools like Great Aubrey Memorial College, Bukedi Secondary School, and others for friendly matches. The one shown below is the day we hosted with Bukedi SS. The first two pictures is the Netball game.

Below are the opposing football teams. Kimbilio in Blue and Bukedi in Green.

The games were for both girls and boys. These matches have help in building strong friendship and talent improvement among students.
The match was played with a lot of love and care for one another in brotherly way.

Having played these friendly matches we still went further to play up to District level although we did not now manage to reach the national level. Our participation was not in vain as we were rewarded with new set of uniforms by Coca-Cola company. This added yet another smile on our faces and some morale to continue loving the game.

Having been for holiday for a period of three weeks, this term officially resumed it’s operation on 27th of May.

As usual we received a good number of students. The turn up on the reporting was good and serious teaching began. On the side of High School, after one day of reporting, immediately they started doing welcome examination to wake them up from their holiday mood.
We thank our guardians who took care of them at home and at the same time have managed to bring them back with even some goodies.
Our staff members likewise came back safely. In High school, we have been blessed with some three university students who are on their teaching practice and they are also adding some value to our students. This term is going to be marathon in the way that it is very short ( Running up to 23rd of August) and again children will be for holiday. However, continue praying for our children and the entire staff for wisdom and knowledge for excellence.

As the primary school is getting to it’s final stage of phase one, we thank God for the great work which is on going on at the High School including the new dormitory block for boys.  What you need to know is that this stage of roofing is very expensive because we need about 10.000 roof-tiles in order to bring up it’s real appearance.

Site Engineer Obura is pushing the work ahead.

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Site Engineer Obura Besweri

In the same humble way we began building Kimbilio High School, we are now setting up our Kimbilio High School Dormitory. As you may be able to see, our newly recruited Site-Engineer together with his hard working team have made a good start on this already. To reach this far, our builders have worked both day and night shifts to make this achievable. Night-shift because we did not want the students to be disturbed in their studies towards the end of their term one.

Mr Obura Besweri, the site engineer tells us that his target is to finish this building before year end.
This will greatly ease the congestion in the Primary Dormitories where our High-School boys are still residing. As you can understand, this is not a very healthy situation and we look forward to the big boys moving in to their own space.

This term has been one of the longest but with few days of holidays. This term children got their holidays on 3rd of May and they will be back on 25th of this very Month. We thank God for our committed teachers and all other staff members who make this happen.

Both Kimbilio High and Primary Schools got their holidays on the same date. All the children were so excited to go for holidays and meet their relatives. Most of the children performed well and all the appreciations are to be put on children themselves who are now understanding the value of Education, good atmosphere around them, teachers with out forgetting the leadership for providing all the requirements. We also thank our guardians for picking up their children in time as compared to previous terms.

Our children have been advised also to behave well while at home and in communities where they come from in order to avoid any thing that may endanger their lives. Prior to the day of getting holiday, staff meetings were held and some addresses were made to help the children with good counsel.

All our teaching staff have been given one week of holiday before coming back to plan for the second term. We therefore, wish them nice stay as we now pray for our sponsors for God to provide for the next term.

What a blessing when we received Wyp Flapper and Freerk Visserman!
Both of them come from Friesland, The Netherlands from a village called Heeg. By profession Wyp is a social worker while Freerk is a fisherman. For Freerk this was not his first time in Kimbilio, after some twelve years.

For the few weeks they were here, we realized their strength because they were able to help us in various departments.
Among the activities that they were involved included; Sewing children clothes, assisting uncle Piet (dentist) and on the other hand, Freerk helped with welding some doors,made some tools, putting walls in the children’s showers and made children sports equipment  and taught them how play, a game that was unique and one of it’s kind.
They also say that while here, they enjoyed the presence of good loving people and had a nice stay. They were also blessed and learnt how to make Chapati, pan cakes made out of reap bananas plus cassava flour,which is made out of wheat flour and enjoyed eating our local food like beans and posho which is also made out of Corn. It is our prayer that God finally grants them a safe journey back home.

As Kimbilio family, we give thanks to God for all the results of primary seven exams. Last year we had twenty candidates of which we scored seven in Div-1 and the rest passing highly in Div-2, and one pupil of who we had little to no hope of passing passed with Div-4. We believe that God smiled on our candidates.

So today, term one of 2019 has already started and with some serious new developments! The Kimbilio High School students are pleasantly surprised when they are ushered in to their new classroom block. Our project development team has worked extra hard to get it ready on time.

As usual the teachers have been scheming and lesson planning, getting prepared to teach.

We received a good turn up of children on reporing day which has given us morale to start immediately with teaching.

A lot of joy and happiness overwhelmed during staff end of year party. It has now become a culture here that in December of every year, there has to be a celebration of this kind to relief people from the whole year’s work. Now this year’s celebration was held at Kimbilio Main hall and it took place on 7th/December/2018, beginning at 9:00Am. The participants included our staff and also international guests from Germany under the leadership of Uncle Jakobus.

The celebration began with a lot of out-door activities like any other year such as empty bottle race, ball-in-neck race, short story telling to usher people in the mood and the in-charge games were Teacher Wycliffe Ondego and Owor Ivan.
Besides that, there were a lot speeches from our national directors, international guests,and a representative from the staff, with out forgetting testimonies by some members.

After having shared a delicious meal provided by our Directors, there was giving of gifts by members ( staff). and what  i can say is that this time, members have improved on gift buying. We also thank Uncle Jakobus with his team for blessing all the staff members with unexpected/ unique gifts from Germany. This added more joy on the staff and indeed saw the love of God.
All the thanks go to our God who enabled us reach this day, our Directors for provision, our guests for making day colorful and all the staff members for their participation. God bless you all.